Festival’s program

Lesvos Food Fest 2018 will take place over a 10-day period, from July 5th-15th and has been designed to dynamically promote the culinary customs, the traditions and the products of each region, which will host this year’s events, highlighting the geographical and cultural uniqueness of each location.

Below you may find a brief presentation of the planned events:

Thursday 5/7

The local Cultural Association “Agios Alexandros”, with a sincere love for tradition, will be presenting “Trachana”-our local “superfood”. 

18:30 at Agia Paraskevi church, Lafionas

A presentation of the preparation process of trachana (frumenty) and local sweets will take place in a magical landscape overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Friday 6/7

Central Lesvos – Skala Kallonis                   

The Kalloni Tourism Association invites everyone to spend a day in the fishing village of Skala Kalloni, full of savoury and seafood flavours.

09:30 at Skala Kallonis fishing port

Begin the morning with a boat-ride in the Gulf of Kalloni, also known as “The Lake of Aristotle”.   Next, a the salting process workshop will take place in cooperation with local food and beverage businesses and the Fisherman’s Association of Skala Kalloni.

18:30 at Skala Kalloni Square

Enjoy cooking events from chef and from the Association of Kalloni Descendants from Asia Minor, followed by an evening of music & dance hosted by the local cultural associations.

Saturday 7/7 & Sunday 8/7

Western Lesvos – Eressos

The Eressos Association of Development and Promotion takes us on a journey from the past until present day with musical and local flavors.

19:00 at Skala Eressos beach

To the accompaniment of guitars and songs, we will “travel back” to nostalgic times on the beach of Skala Eressos, while enjoying watermelon and the local cheese “touloumotyri”… just like we did when things were simple and carefree.

18:30 at Eressos village square

In the village main square, the Eressioti Cultural Association “Fania”, in co-operation with chefs, will present haute cuisine dishes inspired by “Vrasma”-(Petimez) using the famous local figs of Eressos.

*Parallel Event: Enjoy “Eressos-style” breakfast with local products and recipes offered by collaborating companies.

Monday 9/7

Eastern Lesvos – Gera

The Social Business Cooperative “MODOUSA” presents local products and local producers in an open-air market.

18:00 at Ntourachani, Papados, Gera, Modousa Premises

Come visit the open-air market of local producers and enjoy food-tasting at the premises of Modusa in Durahani, Papados Gera, with the participation of producers who will present local Lesbian products (packaged and not).

Tuesday 10/7

Eastern Lesvos – Mytilene

Book & Art bookshop, Komninaki sidewalk

20:00 at Book & Art, Komninaki 5, Mytilene

A chef will bring to life recipes from his book

Wednesday 11/7

Central LesvosAgia Paraskevi

The Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production of Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos, of the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Group, will be hosting upon its open space “Olive Oil Cooking” which will combine tradition with modern gastronomic trends.

19:00 at the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production, Agia Paraskevi

Don’t miss the cooking creations prepared by the Chef as well as the Women’s Agricultural Cooperative of Agia Paraskevi. Olive oil, olives, olive paste will have their honorable role in the recipes, while the dishes will be presented in traditional clay utensils. The event will be accompanied by speeches regarding cooking and preserving food in clay utensils.

From Thursday 12/7 to Sunday 15/7

Northern Lesvos – Molyvos

Enjoy a variety of events for all age groups and “tastes”, organized by The Association of Restaurants and Related Professionals of Molyvos and The Molyvos Tourism Association

10:00 Children cooking workshops in Molyvos, Lefkonikos Square, Molyvos

We will be cooking with children 5 years old and up and will be discussing food waste from all over the planet, in cooperation with NGO “Boroume” (“We can”).

10:00 Mixtures of various herbs and salt, Ottoman Hamam, Molyvos

An experiential awakening of the senses which will take place in the Ottoman Hamam, where we will interact with the herbs and salt of the Lesbian land.

  • Thursday 12/7 evening

20:00 Aegean Wine Tasting – Wine-tasting event of wines from the Aegean, Lefkonikos Square

Popular from antiquity, the wines and wineries of the North Aegean are presented in combination with the cheese and dairy products of Lesvos by oenology expert.

  • Friday 13/7 evening

18:30 Workshops in the private neighbourhood courtyards of the local women of Molyvos (see map)

In Lesvos, in summer, the housewives’s kitchens are “filled” with a variety of leaves and flowers-from grapevines to zucchini flowers. The “Molyviates” will teach us the technique of filling an oniondolma, how to fold grapevines, how to close a zucchini flower, but also the secrets of “octopus stuffing” in their beautiful courtyards. (see relevant map)

  • Sunday 15/7 morning

10:00 Cookout at the Camping site by local scouts’ groups, “Alsylion” (the woods next to the football field)

  • Sunday 15/7 evening

21:00 Ouzo Tasting and Street Food – Ouzo taste-testing event with traditional Greek “mezes” (appetizers) accompanied by live music at the harbor of Molyvos.

Saturday 14/7

Northern Lesvos – Petra

The Cultural Association of Petra and The Association of Merchants and Tradesmen will be opening the courtyards of the local homes, inviting everyone to come enjoy special sweet treats as well as to come join in on the fun at the party which will take place on the beach of Petra.

18:30 at Petra village courtyards (see map)

Enjoy the presentation of pastry-confectionery recipes by the women of Petra, who will open their courtyards to the public, welcoming you in.

21:00 at Petra beach (village north entrance)

Don’t miss the theme 60s party on the beach of Petra with the presentation of local drinks combined in cocktails.

Don’ t forget to look for the “Ouzo me meze” menus which you will enjoy at restaurants, hotels and tavernas and cafes in Skala Kallonis, Petra, Molyvos, Lafiona, Eressos and Skala Eressos