Lesvos Food Fest Challenge announcement

The organizing committee and the Co-operating Associations of the Lesvos Food Fest 2021, being socially conscious of the current situation, announce the cancellation of the 4th Lesvos Food Fest events due to COVID19 restrictions.

Hoping that The Lesvos Food Fest 2022 will be a restriction-free event that will allow visitors to experience Lesvos Gastronomy activities with all their senses, the organizing committee is proud to present an alternative e-event under the theme title “Lesvos Food Challenge”. 

The “Lesvos Food Challenge” will create an “e-relay” between old and new LFF friends including chefs, food bloggers, bars and restaurants in Greece, Europe and beyond, who are interested in Lesvos Food, Gastronomy and Culture.

According to a scheduled program,  all participants will present innovative recipes with Lesvos products as main ingredients, which will be classified according to theme categories, such as Vegan cooking, High tea, Ouzo treat etc.

Lesvos Food Fest was founded in 2017 by the Molyvos Tourism Association and the Wine and Dine Association “Mithymna” and was organized on the island of Lesvos in 13 different locations for 3 consecutive years. During the three years of the festivals’ collective action:

·         60 local producers offered their products for taste testing and cooking sessions

·         12 chefs and mixologists presented traditional and innovative recipes

·         260 volunteers were involved to support the festivals’ events

·         13 co-operating partners took action to co-ordinate 70 local events

·      14 mega sponsors supported Lesvos Food Fest, such as GESEVEE, the Greek National Tourist Office, Aegean Airlines, Greek Saltworks SA, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, North Aegean Prefecture etc

·        11 media sponsors ERT, CNN Greece, Gastronomos, Kathimerini, APE MPE, PBS (USA), did live transmissions, reportages, articles and videos on Lesvos Food Fest.

It will be a pleasure for the organizing committee to receive suggestions and ideas concerning the Lesvos Food Fest Challenge.