Festival’s program

4 July Sunday in Eressos: “Full Moon Food Stories”

5 July Monday in Mytilene: “Tasty Pursuits at Komninaki”

6 July Tuesday in Plomari: “Ouzo from theory to delight”

7 July Wednesday in Polichnitos: “Sweet awakenings and salty memories”

and in Stipsi: “Olive Cultivation representations in Stypsi

8 July Thursday in Papados, Gera: “Olive Oil, bread and circuses”

9 July Friday in Molyvos:  “Molyvos Street Food, Music, Dance and more”

10 July Saturday in Kalloni:  “Wandering along the tastes and topography of Kalloni Gulf

 and in Lafiona: “Wedding Cooking and preparations”

11 July Sunday in Petra: “My big Greek fat wedding in Petra”