Festival’s program

South Lesvos 13 July// Plomari : “Ouzo- from theory to delight”

Mytilene 14 July: “Tasty Pursuits at Komninaki str.”

Central Lesvos 14 July // Skala Kallonis : “Aristοtle’s lagoon: Cooking the experiments”

North Lesvos 15 July // Molyvos: “Street food and pop-up events in Molyvos”

West Lesvos 15 July // Polichnitos: “Sweet awakenings and salty memories”

West Lesvos 16 July// Eresos: “Vrasma Eressou: The annual celebration of a valuable taste”

North Lesvos 16 July// Stipsi: “The land of the Olive tree”

North Lesvos 17 July // Petra: “My big Greek fat Wedding in Petra”

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