Festival’s program

Monastic flavours of Agia Sion
10:00 Children’s traditional halva making workshop

Come at the halva house to discover all the secret ingredients of the original Asia Minor recipe and play while making and decorating little “Halvadoptarelia” (halva pastries)!

18:30 Agiasos Square
Workshops of traditional monastery recipes shall be waiting for us.
19:30 Municipal Park (Visit Agiasos)
Have you ever tried monastery chips? Have you ever tasted freshly kneaded dough “with a twist” dipped into local handmade essential oils? This is your chance to taste the unique monastery diet differently. Live cooking in the pot in an ultimate monastery setting with many surprises. Mrs Eleni Maloupa, Agriculturalist and Dr. of Biology & Physiology of Plants will offer tasty samples of monastery recipes, while Mrs Elpida Koumarela, our beloved chef will put her own unique touch by using fresh local ingredients in recipes you surely have never tried before.
19:30 Walking trail to Folidi Estate
Experience the walking trail network of Agiasos!

Organised by “Visit Agiasos” Non Profit Association


PETRA 17.7
Colours and fasting delicacies

19:30 Iroon Square

Who said that fasting recipes are boring or tasteless? Fasting is a trend. It is simple and has evolved into the modern base for longevity deriving from the healthy Mediterranean diet. Traditional, creative and original recipes promote Lesvos raw materials in a synthesis of vegetables, recipes based on olive oil, legumes, pasta, seafood and herbs.
The Petra Cultural Association will transfer us to Lent, the oldest fasting period in Orthodox Church, and will present the colourful customs of Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday).

Our special guest chefs Dimitris Papazimouris and Alexandros Papandreou prepare their favourite tarama spread.

GERA 18.7
No waste – great taste
18:00 Mesagros Kindergarten

”Taste and discover the tasty treasure” (event for children 6-12 y.o.). Please sign up by calling +306974361919.

18:30 ‘Modousa’ facilities, Pappados.
For their 4th Lesvos Food Fest participation, “Modousa” Social Cooperative will present “No waste – great taste”: how to use leftovers in our cooking, a local tradition based on necessity and not only. “No waste – great taste” will be integrated into a wider frame of wasting less, recycling, turning the useless into useful and protecting the environment.

Local associations, cooks from Lesvos, artists and creative minds will be present at the venue to show us how to create new visual and utility objects through sorting. Utilizing leftovers is a creative process and it is something this enchanting island offers.

Ancient Greek gastronomy workshop
19:30 Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production of Lesvos
The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation would like to invite you to the ancient Greek gastronomy workshop. Greek diet and gastronomy are an integral part of Greek thought and mentality which has been succeeded by the dietary culture of Rome. Food and cooking methods were undoubtedly related to commerce, exchanges and interactions of peoples and ideas while being dependent on products produced in each region. Dr Pavlos Triantafyllidis – Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lesvos will present the ancient diet of Lesvos while our guest chefs Constantinos Costakis and Stratos Iosifellis will support the presentation with live cooking and challenges. Music by Theodore Matoulas (harp).
Aegean street dining

Komninaki Pedestrian Street

10:00 Let’s take a walk (all ages) around the central market and alleys of Mytilini. We are looking for local ingredients, traditional grocery stores and hidden “kafeneia” along with “Parea at Lesvos” Social Cooperative.
10:00 Lost recipe hunt (for children). We are looking for the ingredients of our grandmother’s recipe.
19:30 Presentation of recipes by award winning chef Vangelis Driskas. Tasting of local products, live cooking, a lot of dance in a fusion party. The “Book & Art” bookshop and the surrounding shops organize this event in Mytilini for the third time inviting us to a palate challenge.

*Please sign up for the morning events until July 19th and declare your preferred language at the “Book and Art” bookshop.

Celebration treats

19:30 Stipsi Central Square

Stipsi will host traditional treats offered on festivities and celebrations. The picturesque backstreets of the village will turn into living rooms where the hostess welcomes her guests all dressed up with festive tablecloths that brighten up the entire household. Traditional walnut “spoon sweet”, “platsenta” and other festive treats. “Ouzaki” with “meze” will be offered at the “kafeneia”.

Organised by: Stipsi Cultural Association

Cooking aboard a fishing boat

19:30 Skala Polichnitos

The festivities in Skala Polichnitos will start with a special event. Chef Harris Katrakazas from Polichnitos with author Nikos Mastropavlos and local fishermen will revive cooking recipes based on habits and ingredients used on their boats; recipes that cleverly and creatively use the Kalloni Gulf fish and seafood. Food businesses of the wider area will then offer dishes inspired by the pots of the fishing boats. The “Balos” Traditional Dance Association will seal the night with music and dancing.

Organised by: Polichnitos Cultural Association

Ouzo with meze – back to the future
10:00 Plomari Harbour
Morning boat ride to Drota and Panagia Krifti organised by the Cultural Association of Akrasi. We’ll bake bread with Giagia Marika and cook ‘psirouts’ (a local pastry). Please sign up by calling +306974826121.
19:30 Plomari Park The Plomari Hoteliers Association presents a strong gastronomic approach of the Mediterranean “meze” combined with our national drink, ouzo. The equivalent of the Turkish “meze”, the Italian “antipasti”, the Spanish “tapas” and Greek mezedes inspired by Lesvian products and accompanied by ouzo, the popular aperitif. Mezedes are a modern gastronomic trend and a common reference of Mediterranean related dietary habits that bring people together around the table to share tasty “mezedes”. A Mediterranean proposal that combines meat and seafood; a perpetual gastronomic encounter joining together the past, the present and the future. We are waiting for you to try our olive-oil, ouzo and tasty “mezeklikia”.
SIGRI 22.7
Local street food

Food identified with our childhood memories; food you can carry at the playground, the beach, the village square; original and tasty flavours of our homeland. “Our” street food is consumed any time of the day. “Besides… time for food means it is time we are hungry”… Albert Camus. L’ etranger (1942)

9:30 Sigri Castle
BIOBLITZ: Flower and pollinator interactions with Dr Theodora Petanidou, Workshop of Biogeography & Ecology Dept, University of the Aegean
Sigri Harbour:
10:30 Live cooking: Pancakes with honey or petimezi (10+ y.o.) by Manos Panagiotaras & Foteini Efstratiou
Kids workshops: 11:00 Let’s paint Beehives Thomas Watson, Painter; Dimitris Kokoris, Visual Arts Educator
11:15 Making cookies (5-10 y.o.) Manos Panagiotaras & Foteini Efstratiou 13:00 Sardines in the oven: Vivi Souliou & Maria Panagou
19:30 Live cooking with “Fokiana katimeria”, “Tenedia” meatballs by Kostas and Panagiota Tsikna. “Hahles” by Theodosis Topalidis and Foteini Lagou and fish & chips by Billy Deary. Olive-oil tastings, locally brewed beer, local honey, wine and dairy products. Dj Christos Votsis will accompany us with music and the party shall go on…

Organised by Cultural Educational Athletic Association of Sigri “Theophanis Sigrianis”

Food walk

19:00 Tourist Info Center

The cobblestoned alleys of Molyvos flood with summery smells. We have created a pop-up workshop where housewives of Molyvos and chefs create an open air gastronomic walk filled with challenges, cooking, photo booths and interactive happenings.
21:00 “Desmos” Cultural Venue
The night party signals the end of the festival with wine, ouzo and live music.
Special guests: Ioanna Balafouti, Georgia Koutsoukou, Marios Tzagatzis and Vangelis Halvatzis.

Organised by Molyvos Wine & Dine Association

Read the festival’s timetable in the following file: