LESVOS FOOD FEST : A message by The Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organization, Dimitris Fragakis

The Lesvos Food Festival illustrates not only the island’s special culinary tradition but also the worldwide famous Greek diet as well. It puts on the spotlight the land, the scenery, the people, the ambience and transfers us to the Aegean island through the promotion of local products and their producers, offering a memorable experience to the visitor.

I warmly congratulate the Molyvos Tourism Entity for taking the initiative of organizing this Festival, which takes place for another year again, within the framework of LESVOS THE OTHER AEGEAN® net and accomplishes the rest of the athletic, cultural and alternative happenings on the island.

Both the Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization, aim on a strategic plan, which promotes the traditional Greek cuisine and gastronomy in order to enhance Greek tourism. As a matter of a fact, our advertising campaigns focus on this major sector too.

The evolution of gastronomic tourism is crucial given that it highlights Greece’s distinct tourism product and the authenticity of the country’s destination. Furthermore, it guarantees occupation and income to local societies and people.

Therefore, we shall keep encouraging all noteworthy initiatives, which contribute to the promotion of Greece’s powerful gastronomic identity.

I wish success to the Festival, keep up the good job!

Dimitris Fragakis

The Secretary General

Greek National Tourism Organization